Eye of Josephine Exhibition, High Museum of Art, Altanta
October 16, 2007 – May 18, 2008

Possible Paper Topics
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Attic black-figure amphora by Diosphos Painter showing myth of Heracles and Lernaean Hydra
on both sides, ca. 500-490 BC:
Athena and Iolaos from back of Louvre F 386

Attic red-figure crater by Painter of Munich 2335
with Dionysos, Satyrs and Maenads, ca. 440 BC:
Louvre G 486

Attic red-figure skyphos from Nola by Millin Painter
with Dionysos and a Maenad, ca. 420-400 BC:
Louvre G 559

Attic red-figure cup from Nola by Meleager Painter with two athletes,
ca. 400-375 BC:
Louvre G 639

Attic Kerch-style red-figure crater showing Nike and warrior in chariot, ca. 370-350 BC:
Louvre G 527

Attic red-figure calyx crater by Painter of Montesarchio T 121,
showing Dionysos, Ariadne and company, ca. 360-350 BC:
Louvre N 2821

Paestan red-figure bell crater, namepiece by Painter of Louvre K 240,
showing Dionysian cortege, ca. 370 BC:
Louvre K 240

Paestan red-figure calyx crater from Sant'Agata de' Goti by Python,
showing Kadmos killing dragon, ca. 350-340 BC:
Louvre K 33

Paestan red-figure bell crater by Python,
showing Hermes leading a goat to sacrifice, ca. 360-350 BC:
Louvre K 238

Campanian red-figure lebes gamikos by Parrish Painter,
with Aphrodite on a swan and Eros, ca. 360-350 BC:
Louvre K 387

Lucanian red-figure nestoris by Cheophoroi Painter with women and warriors,
ca. 360-350 BC:
Louvre K 536

Bronze figure of Hercules from Herculaneum, before 79 AD:
Louvre Br 32

Bronze figure of Mercury from Herculaneum, before 79 AD:
Louvre Br 31

Fragments of wall paintings from villa of Julia Felix, Pompeii,
showing Apollo and Muses, 62-79 AD:
Apollo, Louvre P 8

Urania, Muse of Astronomy, Louvre P 12